Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bishop Edir "Eddie Money" Macedo

Brazil Charges Church Leaders With Embezzling Millions From Poor

Doesn't anyone else find it ironic that church leaders are always wealthy? Where do you think your donations and tithes go every week? They don't go straight to god. The temptation to grab some of that money so that you can live a better lifestyle is too much, even for those who claim to be the most religious and righteous of us all. While these are just charges at this point, the allegations are pretty severe. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is believed to have embezzled around $300 million to offshore accounts. Bishop Edir Macedo and his cronies apparently preach a type of prosperity theology where if you give a lot, it will be returned to you ten-fold in the end by god. Sure, for them. Not for the donating members. So sad. This is the reason I never give money to churches. You can never trust someone who claims to know information that no one can possibly know. It is my firm belief that if you wish to help the church out, donate your time and your services. Just because someone claims to be holy doesn't mean they won't take you for a ride. Instead, donate your money to causes you know are beneficial to society or to someone who really needs it. I wish this story was the exception, but unfortunately the trend with these mega churches weighs on the side of scandals like this one. What a fraud.

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