Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Them It's About Propaganda, For Us It's About Faith

Afghan Army Fights To Prove Its Religious Credentials

It's a battle of wills (as well as guns) to win the hearts and minds of the local religious conservative tribal regions of Afghanistan between the Afghan Army and the Taliban. Each claiming the other practices a false version of Islam. They have resorted to billboards and construction of mosques as propaganda to prove their religiosity to the locals to win their support in the struggle for control of the country. Unfortunately, the U.S. government has gotten involved in helping the Afghan army promote this type of religious bickering that will no doubt lead to more bloodshed and confused citizenry. Why don't they spend their efforts building schools to educate the tribespeople to what is really going on there? Alas, Islam has too strong a foothold in the country that it seems to be the lesser of evils in the effort to remove the Taliban. This is why it is such a sticky situation over there. Religion is preventing the two sides from laying down their arms and coming to an agreement for peace.

The similarities in the fight for the pure islam in Afghanistan to the pure christianity here in America is very noticeable. Billboards and commercials, extravagant cathedrals and temples and mega-churches to show that they are the ones guided by the right voices. Trying to win the hearts and minds of the common folk with the one true faith while all others are false. Sounds awfully familiar.

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