Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Psychic Scandal Sounds All Too Familiar

Psychic Sally Morgan Hears Voices From the Other Side - The Guardian 9/20/11

When will people learn? To be honest, I don't feel bad for any of the people who got hosed by this. They should know better. No one can possibly know any of this information without being tipped off. Sally Morgan reminds me of that Peter Popov scandal from the 80's I posted about a while back (unfortunately even after going bankrupt, he is back at it deceiving the feeble-minded again and making big money). Someone meets and greets with people in the lobby beforehand or passes out prayer cards. This information is then relayed to the "psychic" or "preacher" subtly from henchmen over an earpiece and the audience is marveled at how much this person can possibly know and fork over their donations and tithes. They must be special! They must be a conduit to the heavens! No. They are tricksters, all of them. Swindlers who are just trying to get your money and you fall victim repeatedly. Shameful but not unexpected.

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