Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Curacao Space Tourism

Curacao Takes Another Step Toward Space Tourism - Cosmic Log 9/19/11

Cosmic Log comes in with some interesting space flight updates. Curacao and XCOR Aerospace have come to an agreement to sell flights into space for well-financed consumers. One seat to the edge of outer space is anticipated to sell for $95,000 and flights will go in and out of the island of Curacao.

In other news, NASA is moving along with its commercialization of low orbit space flight. It is continuing to massage deals with Boeing and Sierra Nevada Corp. to make certain milestones in production and testing so NASA can spend all of its efforts on deep space exploration(where all the coolest stuff happens).

So much for the U.S. space program coming to an end with the shuttle, right? NASA is making some pretty clever moves to cut costs for the mundane space station and low orbit stuff to really get some ideas cranking on Mars programs and other deep space targets. Exciting!

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