Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pakistani Atheists & Agnostics

Being Pakistani and Atheist a Dangerous Combo, But Some Ready To Brave It - Pakistan Today 9/18/11

Very moving article about a handful of brave skeptics in Pakistan, where apostasy and even blasphemy have the most severe punishments. It's so refreshing to see these people stand up for their right to believe or not believe what they wish. In a weird way, their stories are not that dissimilar from stories here in the U.S. of the family life and friendships that can be affected when one "comes out". However, in a country based on Sharia Law there are far more dangers from government authorities and angry mobs and that makes their stories that much more compelling and incredible. Sometimes, we don't realize how good we actually have it here in the U.S. to be able to practice or not practice whatever faith we so desire without fear. It is my personal wish that every society can and should have those same freedoms. It is a basic human right to have freedom of thought and freedom of speech without the fear of retribution or persecution. Please visit the Pakistani Atheist & Agnostics website and show your support for these modern heroes of civil society!

Pakistani Atheists & Agnostics Website

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