This section is dedicated to the greatest human intellects. There are links below each name to articles about these people and their influence on human society as well as personal writings of theirs and some of my thoughts as well. While many have had varying degrees of belief in the supernatural, there is no denying the effect that these men have had on my life personally and on our current condition and understanding of our place in the cosmos as a whole and our relationships with each other... (First, the intellects featured in the background of this blog... clockwise, starting from 12:00)

Isaac Newton

Albert Einstein

Galileo Galilei

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Richard Dawkins

Sam Harris

Carl Sagan

Johannes Kepler

Thomas Paine

Common Sense - Thomas Paine 1776

The Age of Reason: Part 1 - Thomas Paine 1794

The Age of Reason: Part 2 - Thomas Paine 1807

Daniel Dennett

Benjamin Franklin

Stephen Hawking

Nicolaus Copernicus

Abraham Lincoln

Christopher Hitchens

Claudius Ptolemy

Other intellects:

George Washington

Letter To Hebrew Congregation at Newport - George Washington 1790

Thomas Jefferson

The Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom - Thomas Jefferson 1786

Letter to Edward Carrington - Thomas Jefferson 1787

Exchange With he Danbury Baptists - Thomas Jefferson 1801-1802

Letter to Samuel Miller - Thomas Jefferson 1808

Letter to N.G. Dufeif - Thomas Jefferson 1814

The Jefferson Bible - Thomas Jefferson 1820

James Madison

Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments - James Madison 1785

Charles Darwin

Mark Twain

Pierre-Simon Laplace