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Pastor: My tale of being a Navy SEAL was just 'an ego-builder' - MSNBC 5/10/11

Only 10 More Shopping Days 'Till the Apocalypse - Examiner 5/10/11

Science Explains the End of the World - Washington Post 5/10/11

War For American hearts and Minds Rages Over Islam - MSNBC 5/13/11

Ricky Gervais: Why I Do Not Believe in a God - Wall Street Journal 12/22/10

Vatican's New Sex Abuse Guidelines Don't Require Reporting - CNN 5/16/11

Stephen Hawking: "There is No Heaven; It's a Fairy Story" - Guardian 5/15/11

Science Must Destroy Religion - Huffington Post 1/2/06

Make My bed? But You Say the World's Ending - NY Times 5/19/11

Is the Bible Full of 'Forgeries'? - MSNBC 5/19/11

May 21 'Judgement Day' Believers React to Being Alive on May 22 - Huffington Post 5/22/11

Bishop Regrets How Diocese Dealt With Porn Case Involving Priest - Kansas City Star 5/21/11

Shock After Dutch Priest Endorses Pedophilia - Yahoo News 5/21/11

Italy: Ex-Trainee Priest Arrested in Clerical Abuse Probe - Italy Global Nation 5/20/11

Michele Bachmann Manages to Misquote Both Scripture and John Adams - PoliticusUSA 5/22/11

Kansas Rep. Pete DeGraaf: Being Impregnated During Rape is Just Like Getting a Flat Tire - The Pitch 5/23/11

Obama's Faith Questioned by Minn. State Legislature Chaplain, Sparks Outrage - ABC News 5/23/11

Oregon Senate Votes to End Faith Healing Defense for Medical Care - Oregon live 5/23/11

'Most Hated', Anti-Gay Preacher Once Fought for Civil Rights - CNN 5/14/11

For Baha'i Educators, A Lesson in Power From Iran - CNN 6/3/11

A Victim of 9/11 Hate Crime Now Fights for His Attacker's Life - MSNBC 6/3/11

Church Cancelled Due to Lack of God - The Onion 1/15/96

Irvington Women Plead Not Guilty to Child Endangerment Charges in Death of 8-Year-Old Girl - 6/2/11

Reporters Find Tragic Story Amid Embarrassing Scandal - CNN 6/8/11

Religious Schools A Sometimes Tense American Tradition - Reuters 6/13/11

'True Statesman' is Real Leader of the Free World - One News Now 6/13/11

After Controversy, Baptists Affirm Belief in 'Eternal, Conscious' Hell - Religion News 6/15/11

Muslim Hearings Recall My Life in Internment Camp - CNN 6/15/11

Onetime Priest Now Crusades for Abuse Victims Suing Catholic Church - CNN 6/19/11

Woman Said God Told Her About Plane Bomb - MSNBC 6/20/11

U.S. Evangelicals Gloomy About Future, 'Global 'South' Optimistic, Study Finds - CNN 6/22/11

In African Women's Soccer, Homophobia Remains An Obstacle - NY Times 6/21/11

Ruben Diaz Sr. Chats With the Village Voice - The Village Voice 6/23/11

U.S. Jews Not Able to Fly on Delta Flights to Saudi Arabia - Religion News 6/23/11

Guru Kailash Singh Quit Bathing 37 Years Ago - AOL Weird News 6/23/11

Does Islam Stand Against Science? - The Chronicle Review 6/19/11

'Have to Do This': Cuomo Charts for Gay Marriage in NY - NY Times 6/25/11

When the King Saved God - Vanity Fair May 2011

Evangelicals, WCC, Vatican Reach Accord on Proselytizing - Religion News 6/28/11

Miracle Claimed for WWII Era Pope - AP 7/2/11

A Former Jerry Falwell Minion Discusses Child Indoctrination - Rationalists Blog 6/30/11

The New Commandments - Vanity Fair April 2010

India's 'Godmen' Face Questions About Wealth - Washington Post 7/12/11

Director Steps Out On a Ledge With Atheist Film - Religion News 7/13/11

Austrian Driver Allowed 'Pastafarian' Headgear Photo - BBC News Europe 7/14/11

Giuliani To GOP: Stay Out of Gay Marriage - CNN 7/17/11

The Bible: History or Myth? - Huffington Post 7/15/11

Philadelphia Archbishop Steps Down Amid Scandal - Reuters 7/19/11

Is Pastafarianism Becoming A Religion? - Religion Dispatches 7/18/11

Science and Religion: God Didn't Make Man; Man Made Gods - LA Times 7/18/11

As Candidates Run for Office, Some Run From Their Church - Religion News 7/20/11

State Board of Education Delves Again Into Science Textbook Debate - Statesman 7/20/11

What Didn't Make It Into the Bible? - Huffington Post 7/21/11

Why We Were Attacked in Norway - Huffington Post 7/23/11

Purported Manifesto, Video From Norway Terror Suspect Detail War Plan - CNN 7/24/11

Europe's Far Right Focuses On Immigration, Multiculturalism - CNN 7/24/11

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S. - NY Times 7/25/11

Why Evangelicals Should Stop Evangelizing - CNN 7/24/11

The Dudeist Bible: Just Take It Easy, Man - Huffington Post 7/20/11

Atheist Group Wants To Stop World Trade Center Cross - CNN 7/26/11

Camp Quest is Atheists' Answer To Bible School - Washington Post 7/26/11

Faith No More - New Statesman 7/25/11

Do You Speak Christian? - CNN 7/31/11

How Races and Religion Match in Online Dating - OKTrends 9/29/09

Polygamist Leader Found Guilty in Child-Rape Case - MSNBC 8/4/11

Air Force: Bible and Nukes Don't Mix - CNN 8/3/11

Scholars Seek to Correct 'Mistakes' in Bible - MSNBC 8/12/11

United Nations Affirms the Human Right to Blaspheme - Religion Dispatches 8/11/11

Creationism: That (Not So) Old Time Religion - Huffington Post 8/12/11

The Christianist Takeover - The Daily Beast 8/14/11

New Noah's Ark in Ky. Aims to Prove Truth of Bible - Comcast 8/17/11

A Christian Plot for Domination? The Daily Beast 8/14/11

Man Somehow Overcomes Alcoholism Without Jesus - The Onion 8/18/11

Church Extends Authority to Absolve Sin of Abortion for Papal Visit - CNN 8/18/11

Preacher Accused of Raping Women Behind Church - MSNBC 8/21/11

Americans Have Lost Faith in Religious Leaders and Church Attendance, New Book Says - Huffington Post 8/21/11

The Birth of Krishna: When God Came To Earth - Huffington Post 8/22/11

Changes To Roman Catholic Mass Will Surprise Majority in the Pews, Survey Says - Huffington Post 8/19/11

Dutch Vicar Tells His Congregation: This Life "Will Probably Be the Only One You Get" - New Humanist 8/5/11

Evangelicals Question the Existence of Adam and Eve - NPR 8/9/11

The Bait of Christian Fundamentalism in Africa - Huffington Post 8/24/11

Potomac Falls Woman Removed From Son's Boy Scout Troop - Loudoun Times 8/24/11

Fallen 9/11 Priest Emerges as an Icon For Gay Catholics - Religion News 8/25/11

Pastor Proposes National Atheist Registry To Better Track Godless Citizens - Jonathan Turley 8/31/11

Mansfield Church's Billboards Draw Wide Attention - Mansfield Journal News 8/30/11

Bloomberg, Faith Groups Face Off Over 9/11 Prayers - Religion News 9/6/11

Elusive Line Defines Lives in Israel and the West Bank - NY Times 9/6/11

Afghan Army Fights To Prove Its Religious Credentials - Washington Post 9/6/11

The Jesus Juke - 11/16/10

Sex Abuse Victims Ask International Criminal Court To Prosecute Pope - CNN 9/13/11

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish 'Facebook' Separates the Sexes - CNN 9/12/11

Amish Men Ordered To Jail After Refusing To Pay Fines - Courier-Journal 9/12/11

Talk Is Cheap When It Comes To Religious Freedom - Huffington Post 9/14/11

Brazil Charges Church Leaders With Embezzling Millions From Poor - The Guardian UK 9/13/11

Human Folly - New Humanist Sept/Oct 2011

Being Pakistani and Atheist a Dangerous Combo, But Some Ready To Brave It - Pakistan Today 9/18/11

Foo Fighters: Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protest With 'Keep It Clean' (Hot Buns) - Huffington Post 9/18/11

Psychic Sally Morgan Hears Voices From the Other Side - The Guardian 9/20/11

Study: Blacks and Whites Intermarrying More in the U.S. - Healthland 9/19/11

Unemployment and Religion: Their Faith Affects How Americans View Jobs Crisis, Survey Says - Huffington Post 9/20/11

A Rough Decade For American Congregations - CNN 9/20/11

Atheism On the Upswing in America - The Washington Post 9/20/11

Evangelicals Call Christian Zionist Uncritical Support for Israel Appalling and Intolerable - Religion Dispatches 9/20/11

Church of England Battling 'Coolness of Atheism': Archbishop - National Post 9/20/11

'Miracle Babies' Pastor To Be Extradited To Kenya - BBC 9/20/11

Why Evangelicals Are Fooled Into Accepting Pseudoscience - Huffington Post 9/23/11

War of Words Breaks Out Among Jehovah's Witnesses - The Independent 9/27/11

Feds: Mass. Man Planned To Blow Up Pentagon - Comcast 9/28/11

Preachers Confront 'Last Taboo': Condemning Greed Amid Great Recession - CNN 10/1/11

History and the Decline of Human Violence - Scientific American 10/4/11

Getting Over the Judging God, A Yom Kippur Reflection - Huffington Post 10/5/11

Which Holy Book is Really the Word of God? - Ezinearticles 2/24/11

The Evangelical Case for Mitt Romney, and Against Robert Jeffress - Washington Post 10/10/11

A Voice, Still Vibrant, Reflects On Mortality - NY Times 10/10/11

Humanists, Atheists Drive For Wider Global Impact - Reuters 10/11/11

Where Child Sacrifice is a Business - BBC News 10/11/11

Pray For the President? Yes, Thou Shalt - CNN 10/14/11

What Will Orthodox 'Republicanity' Look like? - Religion Dispatches 10/13/11

Is Religion Above the Law? - NY Times 10/17/11

Zealots Attack Jerusalem Ice Cream Parlor, Shops - MSNBC 10/18/11

The Religious Roots of Iran's Rivalry With Saudi Arabia - Washington Post 10/13/11

Fresh Christ-Killers Jibe Ignites Jewish Fury - The Freethinker 10/20/11

Preachers Who Are Not Believers - Evolutionary Psychology Journal 2010

Josh Hamilton: God Told Me I'd Hit A Home Run in the 10th Inning - SportsDay DFW 10/28/11

Magicians Say Their Craft Makes Them See Faith As Just Hocus-Pocus - Religion News 10/27/11

Disbelief Is Not A Choice - Psychology Today 9/12/11

Camping Sorry For Failed Apocalypse Predictions - 10/31/11

Catholic Official Blames Satan for Homosexuality - Religion News 11/3/11

Tim Minchin: Mocking God in the Heart of Texas - The Guardian 11/6/11

Apologist Josh McDowell: Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians - Christian Post 7/16/11

6 Reasons Young Christians Leave Church - The Barna Group 9/28/11

Pakistan Bans 'Monkey Crotch', 'Jesus Christ' and Obscene Words in Text Messages - MSNBC 11/18/11