Thursday, September 22, 2011

See What Your Brain Sees

Now Showing: Movie Clips From Your Mind - Discovery News 9/22/11

Totally cool and really freaky that scientists are now able to discern enough information from your brain during an fMRI scan that they can start to piece together images of movie clips that you watch in very eery detail. This is an amazing breakthrough and can lead to some very interesting uses, like possibly recording dreams to see what the heck that was before it vanished from your memory shortly after you woke up this morning. It could also be used, in theory, to record first person memories and experiences as they happen and as they are being perceived by the brain. Obviously the details would have to be worked out and the clarity is not quite there, but totally fascinating nonetheless!

Study subjects were shown movie trailers like this one on the left and scientists
reconstructed the images from brain scans on the right

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