Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blurry Lines

Elusive Line Defines Lives In Israel and the West Bank

In what many people consider one of the main roots of conflict in the middle east, the "line" separating Israel from the West Bank is getting more blurry as time passes. Later this month, the U.N. may very well vote to give Palestine statehood. People are getting terribly frustrated with this lack of compromise on both parts of the line. This has been a national policy of the U.S. for years, trying to foster a peace agreement in this area can bring much stability to the world and both sides are fighting like children over the same toy. Earlier this year, President Obama suggested this 1967 line as the boundary for negotiations between the two parties with obviously some swapped lands based on where settlements have arisen since 1967. I don't understand how this has to be so difficult, it takes decades or more to sort out. Israel has a right to exist, as does Palestine. Israel has a right to protect itself from attackers and so does Palestine. Unfortunately, what it all boils down to (AGAIN), is the religious aspect of considering these lands "holy" and given by god to their people. All three major religions are to blame for this discord, with judaism, islam and christianity all laying claim to the land being a gift from their god to them. What they fail to understand is that the earth has provided the land to all people who treat it with respect. We all need to treat each other with respect and recognize that there is no solution until everyone compromises. Compromise means giving up something of value to get something of value. Giving up a little land, giving up the stranglehold religion has put on all of us for the sake of mutual respect and co-habitation on this planet. It's that simple, really. People want to be able to live their lives, the stories in this article of people living right in the crosshairs of this struggle just want to exist without and unnecessary hardships. I do feel that there can be a happy ending for everyone if we can just let go of the thing that tears us apart from each other as humans: organized religions.

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