Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trained To Kill Cancer

Dying Man Has a New Lease On Life After His Immune System is Trained to Kill Cancer

Another breakthrough in the fight against cancer. After VERY preliminary trials, doctors have found another way to re-engineer cells to become cancer-fighting agents with what looks like some pretty good success. Doctors remove a type of white blood cell from the body and modified them with HIV-1 virus (which has been stripped of its deadly attributes). This modified cell is now embodied with the HIV's ability to recognize the cancer cells in the body, attack them, multiply and then have a portion live on in the body for future reference. There are some side effects as the body is under attack like severe flu-like symptoms and other more serious potential issues like extremely low blood pressure, kidney problems and certainly potential hazards involving the HIV-1 virus if it hasn't been sufficiently decoded among other issues. But from the first few cases, it seems like a miracle procedure and has a huge potential to affect so many lives in the coming years.

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