Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amish Safety Dance

Amish Men Ordered To Jail After Refusing To Pay Fines

Another example of some crazy religious belief that impacts the lives and safety of other people. Amish men are refusing to attach orange safety triangles to their buggies so that motorists can see them on the shared roadways. Apparently this bright color is against their religion and these men are sticking to their guns, refusing to put the safety sign on and then refusing to pay the fines. 8 men in all will be jailed for 3-10 days for their actions. There comes a time when silly superstitions need to be superseded by common sense laws that apply to everyone, in this case the safety of others and of themselves. I recall a story I read just a few days ago about a buggy that was hit by an SUV where several children were killed. I'm not saying that there won't be any accidents, and the fault could always be the driver of the automobile, but wouldn't you want that extra precaution anyways? Wouldn't you want to be sure you were seen on the roads, especially in the dusk and dawn hours where it can be hard to see? What's more important to you? The color of the safety sign (your impetus for this religious belief) or the life of your child?

Two Amish Children Killed, Four Injured, After Their Pony Cart Was Struck By An SUV

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