Monday, September 12, 2011

Jesus Juke

Via Urban Dictionary:

Jesus Juke - When some Christian brings jesus into an argument or conversation out of nowhere. Usually creating another religious argument within the original argument or conversation.

You just Jesus juked me, bro!

My mother was always Jesus juking us around the house growing up and even now when we visit. It's like you walk around on eggshells trying not to get blindsided by some word that would trigger it. You'd be having a nice conversation about something normal and then WHAM! Right out of nowhere she would drop that jesus juke on you and make the whole thing just so awkward and contentious. It was always a rally killer for fun family gatherings and dinners out at a restaurant and would embarrass you in front of your friends or even worse, she might just Jesus juke your friends when they came over. Then there is the stranger Jesus juke, which is even more weird. You're out running an errand and you get stuck in this weird conversation with the person in line next to you that you had no intention of ever being a part of and you're stuck there because you need your fritos. Not only content in public places, now you can also be Jesus juked on the web, on your facebook page or twitter feed! There is nothing like an awkward Jesus juke!

What are some of your favorite Jesus Jukes? - The Jesus Juke

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