Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coolness of Atheism

Church of England Battling 'Coolness of Atheism': Archbishop - National Post 9/20/11

Interesting read here, except Archbishop Rowan Williams misses the point entirely. It's not that it's a cool position or a trendy position, it's a rejection of folly of false doctrine, it's a rejection of faith in a non-real, ambiguous, all-knowing all-powerful deity that can see your thoughts and thinks you are born a filthy sinner. It's a rejection of mental slavery. Free thought, free inquiry, using facts and information to discern our place in the universe as opposed to reading and interpreting vague scripture passages written 2000-2500 years ago by barbaric nomads who had no culture or technology. There is nothing cool about it in that sense. It is a very real rejection of the oppressive nature of organized religion. That's all. Free your mind and be open to what you learn about nature and it will change your life in the most amazing way. Be free of superstitious bondage and be good for goodness sake instead of fear from eternal damnation. Stop judging people who are different than you and learn about what makes them unique. Figure out ways to get along and coexist with others who think differently than you do. That's all this is. It's not a trend, it is the true reality of our existence that is beginning to make sense to people and they realize they don't need organized religion in their lives anymore. It is an unnecessary false security that some people finally realize they can do better without. If you think that's cool great, but the prosperity of the human race depends upon informed citizenry and that's what I am striving for.

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