Friday, August 19, 2011

Pandering Pope

Church Extends Authority to Absolve Sin of Abortion for Papal Visit

Well, that's awfully convenient of B16 while he's in town to let his virgin army* hear the confessions of some women who no doubt went through a very trying time in their life only to be excommunicated from their church. Seems like a publicity stunt to generate some more interest in the church's lies and to get women, who may feel guilty enough as it is, to show up and repent and join or rejoin the church. Seems like the numbers game is wreaking havoc on the catholic church, so much so that they are willing to lower their standards (again) to get people to come back.

You are a wretched sinner, scum of the earth. Committer of the most vile crime we can name, so we sent you away... but repent to us! Come back to the church and we will absolve your sins and you will have eternal life (because we know for sure where you're going when you die and it doesn't look good right now without us in your life). But don't forget to tithe 10% when you come. Oh, and bring your children too! thanks!

Spain is actually paying the Pope to be there too! That is beyond absurd. Doesn't the catholic church have enough money? This seems like something they should want to do for free, to participate in World Youth Day, and write it off as a recruitment expense. It is a shameful tragedy that all these people get caught up in such a scam. It doesn't help them either, that the Pope looks like the evil emperor from star wars.

*not necessarily true if you account for pedophilia

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