Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Miracle Babies'

'Miracle Babies' Pastor To Be Extradited To Kenya - BBC News 9/20/11

You know, I really am starting to dislike having to share all of these fraudulent criminal activities by so called "holy people" but it seems to be an epidemic of sorts around the globe. These religious leaders are put in a position of power and absolute trust since they are god's personal messengers and they use this advantage to prey on people and take advantage of situations for personal gain. Here is a story of a pastor who claimed to pray miracle babies into people's lives who couldn't conceive but would go to kenya and abduct children to give to these poor souls. Truly awful. While it's true, there are plenty of pastors "doing the right thing" you might say (we will ignore the preaching of lies and bigotry from the pulpit in this example), but man the percentages keep going down with all of these scandals. One after the next. It seems only a matter of time before everything comes out. How these people think they can get away with it must show just how big their egos really are. And what do you know, he seems to have a big bank account as well. Curious.

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