Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man Made Gods

Science and Religion: God Didn't Make Man; Man Made Gods

Interesting Op-Ed piece here with some new data on studies of the brain and what parts of the brain are activated to induce a spiritual feeling. Once you are out of the death grips of an organized religion it is so easy to see how all the pieces line up physiologically. It makes sense that these adaptations arose to give us an evolutionary advantage at the time. But what was once an advantage has now turned into one of the great threats to civilization as we know it, as one person with god on the brain can destroy millions. All we can do is continue to study the brain and hope that as more evidence is piled up, people will start to see the light. Unfortunately, people will see what they want to see though, and will try to rationalize anything to make it mesh with their beliefs one way or another, and so this article won't do much except make the non-religious feel a little better about leaving their faith behind.

How did the big bang happen? Did something create all that we know? Is there a "soul" that lives on consciously after we die? These are all questions that may one day be answered by science. We should all be open the answers, whether we like the results or not, because this is our reality. No one should be adamant that they alone know a secret denied to everyone else. And if they claim to know for sure, have them produce an experiment to show it, otherwise it is blind faith and hope, and that gets us nowhere.

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