Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Philly Archbishop to Resign

Philadelphia Archbishop Steps Down Amid Scandal

"We would have assumed," said the grand jury in a report, "by the year 2011, after all the revelations both here and around the world, that the church would not risk its youth by leaving them in the presence of priests subject to substantial evidence of abuse. That is not the case."

It's beyond me with how deep this scandal goes (and it goes all the way to the vatican and the pope, B16) that people aren't leaving the catholic church in mass waves. These pedophilia scandals are just the latest in a long line of abuses of power by these "holy men". I am grateful that the criminal justice system is finally starting to look at these cases seriously and bringing these evil men to justice. How they have been able to get away with policing themselves all these years just goes to show how powerful the church really is. I hope that this is the crack in the foundation that eventually brings down the house. People need to be freed from religious tyranny and adults who molest children are the worst of the worst in my book. There is no sicker crime than that.

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