Thursday, July 21, 2011

If You Refuse to Evolve, Evolution Can Be Troubling

State Board of Education Delves Again Into Science Textbook Debate

Texas is at it again, but this time it appears that the creationists won't win out as they have lost a few precious seats on the board to more moderate republicans. This is better news for science and children's minds. Intelligent Design and Creationism should be taught in a theology class, make it an elective for students to choose but keep mythology out of the science classroom... it doesn't belong. One concern I have is the stipulation that local school districts can, for the first time, elect to break from the recommendations of the state board so more religious communities can choose their own books and keep their children ignorant. It's a hot mess in Texas, and it's dominated by ignorant, bible-toting thugs who wish to pass their beliefs as science. Kids don't even have a chance to succeed in this world when the adults are the ones that need the science lesson...

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