Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the Service of the "Truth"

Miracle Claimed for WWII Era Pope

The pressure is on to sanctify Pope Pius XII. This is the same guy who was complicit with the Nazi regime during WWII and whose church preached anti-semitism until 1962. This lady claims to have been cured of cancer by praying to Pius, but also having undergone intensive chemotherapy to treat it. How is this a miracle? I can understand she is ecstatic to be alive and no doubt feels her prayers may have helped, but this is insanity. No one person has the ability to alter the fundamental laws of the universe. No one has ever had this ability. Do the odds favor that a miracle has occurred or that this person has been mistaken? She should be praising the doctors for healing her! And the technological advancements in cancer treatment for healing her! Stupid catholic church, this type of meddling may have worked before scientific literacy, but in the 21st century it will be pretty hard to prove a "miracle", and to Pius the XII of all people you want to sanctify? Come on

Please enjoy this great discussion on the glory of the catholic church by christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry...

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