Friday, July 8, 2011

Deep-Seeded Roots

A Former Jerry Falwell Minion Discusses Child Indoctrination

This is something I will grapple with when I have children as well. What to teach them without going overboard, allowing them to critically think for themselves and problem solve to root out solid, rational solutions of their own. Religious indoctrination discourages critical thinking and dissent. If you disagree or question, that is the devil speaking. I feel for the children who have been sheltered in a religious bubble, knowing nothing of the real world they live in, the realities, the differing thoughts on wide varieties of subjects. I fear for them because eventually they will be exposed to the good and the bad of the real world and unfortunately are not prepared for it. In many ways they can be over trusting of others and can be taken advantage of easily, but they also can have developed such deep-seeded one-sided beliefs that they cannot properly co-habitate with people of differing values and opinions. You see this happening right now with the evangelicals and marriage equality as well as with women's rights and abortion. You see this with the muslim extremists as well, they cannot accept someone has a different faith from them and move on, they have to be enemies. If we don't start respecting others in a meaningful way, there will be very serious consequences, and it starts with how we teach our children...

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