Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Ledge

Director Steps Out on a Ledge With Atheist Film

Interesting to see a movie coming out with atheism as a main theme. I will hold my judgments until I have seen it, but from the reviews it could be a positive as far as mainstreaming atheist/non-theist positions to gain more acceptance. Might be hard to do in such a religious country, as we can see such a backlash of hatred spewing from these marriage equality opponents. They are the same ones we are just trying to coexist with. The atheist community and the LGBT community are very similar in many respects in their fight for equality and tolerance. Both involve a "coming out" of sorts to family and friends that can lead to rifts and disapproval and both are discriminated against by a pompous christian majority who tries to influence secular government legislation with religious bias and who is blind to their own bigotry by confusing it with 'righteousness'. I can see right away a major issue with the atheist and the married christian woman and know this is something they will harp on, but it could be an interesting film...

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