Friday, July 8, 2011


Thirst for Fairness May Have Helped Us Survive

Cool article talking about how our egalitarian tendencies for fairness helped us become as successful as we have been as a species. Interesting timing with the "class warfare" going on right now on capital hill with tax breaks for wealthy and cuts in social welfare programs... I consider myself a humanist at heart. While I have a desire to be successful and earn enough to provide for my family and allow for some indulgences to enjoy life, I have no desire to be what most people consider to be "wealthy". I believe in fairness and sharing and finding ways to encourage those who don't have the means to be able to rise up and achieve despite not having the resources on their own. That's why these government programs are so important. The opportunity is just not there for some people, and it's in the interest of the "tribe" to see that as many of it succeed as possible to better us all. While we do need leaders and entrepreneurs to be the "tribe elders", we need to keep them in check so they don't become too wealthy and too powerful that we lose sight of the fundamental goal: long-term human well-being and survival on this fragile planet.

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