Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Massacre

Why We Were Attacked in Norway

Purported Manifesto, Video From Norway Terror Suspect Detail War Plan

As the details keep coming in about Friday's massacre, the picture of a deranged man is starting to come into view. As I've iterated in several previous posts, we are at a point in history where one crazy person can take action and kill so many. It appeared this guy definitely had some mental issues, from physical abuse to steroid addiction along with an ignorance and hatred of "others" different from him and a divergence from what he thought were "traditional beliefs". It's striking and a little scary to see similar rhetoric here with ring-wing conservative christians in this country complaining how multiculturalism is ruining society and that everywhere is becoming increasingly islamified and liberal and how we need to return to our roots and get our country "back". It's this type of rhetoric placed in the wrong hands that can have deadly, severe consequences like we saw in Norway over the weekend. One guy who buys into the hateful bigoted rhetoric who feels he was dealt a bad hand in life just takes it too far... took his political/social/religious views to paper (manifesto), copied a few things from Oklahoma City and went to town... 

From CNN article: "In one passage, the document published online last week uses the same wording as the Unabomber's manifesto, but substitutes the phrase "cultural Marxist" where Kaczynski used the word "leftist," and uses the word "Muslims" where Kaczynski used the phrase "black people.""

He figured out who he didn't like, blamed them for his and his country's perceived ills and set out to start a war. I hope this incident will cause Norway to re-dedicate themselves to being the open safe society it has become known for. A place that encourages multiculturalism and acceptance of all men, but a society that isn't dictated by religious dogma, or ethnic bias. I am encouraged by the Prime Minster's speech this weekend and hope that this is just one bad seed who took it too far. I just can't help but be wary of the same hateful speech we see here in the US against multiculturalism, against immigrants, against muslims, against homosexuality, against atheism, against the melting pot that makes this country so great. It's high time we start looking out for one another and treating each other with respect and try to understand the other side before we rush to such harsh, critical judgements of what's "right" and what's "wrong". It's high time we start getting along and figuring out how to co-exist before some lunatic really does start a war. It's time we stop blaming others for things they have nothing to do with. In a world that is getting smaller and more connected by the day, the old days of ethnic/religious purity and conservative social positions are long gone, we have to figure out a way to get along together, and part of that is accepting people for who they are, trying to understand their side of the story, and allow for an open mind and let science and universal truths and common interests drive the public discourse, not ideologies and self-centered ideas.

Europe's Resurgent Far Right Focuses on Immigration, Multiculturalism

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.

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