Sunday, July 17, 2011

Non-Negotiable Social Issues

Giuliani to GOP: Stay Out of Gay Marriage

I basically became an adult in the shadow of New York City while Rudy Giuliani was mayor. I was able to see firsthand how he was able to change the city and make it a much safer place and return it to world prominence economically after a few rough decades. Although a few scandals came out after he left office including the police commissioner, there was a general feel that Giuliani had a major positive effect on the city and obviously he was a strong, steadfast leader during the greatest strife of the city's history- when it was attacked on 9-11. I strongly disagree with him on many many issues, but he seems to have this one right. If the GOP wants to achieve anything politically beyond their base, they need to drop all these social conservative issues. Giuliani knows this from being mayor of one of the most liberal cities in the world. Stick to your fiscal conservative agendas, because you can at least negotiate that. Social issues are at a point where they are non-negotiable. Either people are afforded the same rights or they are not. There is no middle ground here. The seas of change are flowing in this country and each younger generation realizes that homosexuals are just like everyone else and should be treated as such. I think Giuliani realizes this and I think he may see disaster for the future of his party if they continue to dwell on these "lost causes" as people become more open minded and less ignorant about these social issues. Unfortunately for him, his party is now divided into two distinct factions: the fiscal conservatives and the social conservatives (read: religious). For the religious right, these are life and death issues. These are issues that affect all of eternity for these people. This is why they put up such a fuss about the passing of marriage equality laws like the recent one in New York and others in the works. From their viewpoint, there is no room for negotiation and that's what will make it tough for the GOP in the next election cycle and in the future. Their only hope at this point is to keep the economy mired in recession long enough for people to vote out Obama. It's quite obvious this is their tact as the party of "no" is preventing anything from happening in congress at this point... It's terribly frustrating.

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