Thursday, June 30, 2011

Discussion with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Great discussion with my main man Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Dan Barker. Sometimes when I get riled up over religious ideology, I use Neil (and my wife) as a check against myself so I don't become a raving looney ambassador for secularism (no one can stand a raving looney ambassador for a specific religion either). There has to be a respectful dialogue when dealing with these most powerful of human emotions, blind faith, especially when discussing with adults who have been indoctrinated and immersed in their beliefs for years and years. You also have to be aware of the battles you wish to choose and realize some people are not willing to keep an open mind on topics such as this, and some people base their beliefs on faulty logic and faulty science, while still others have a desire to remain a slave to their minds and there's nothing you could say or present to them to make them think otherwise. Lucky for us, we have science and facts and an ever growing wealth of knowledge of the universe, of human history and the history of the earth on our side. If nothing else, this is a never-ending positive reinforcement for us that leaving organized religion was the best decision we ever made. 

Neil has this incredible way of putting things into perfect perspective. He knows his science and stands behind that and presents his arguments in a way that is not invasive and makes people think rationally without pointing fingers at what is blatantly wrong or ill-conceived or calling people fools. He is one of my heroes because he makes science fun and exciting... 

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