Friday, August 19, 2011

Cyberdyne Systems

IBM Unveils Chips that Mimic the Human Brain

Computing will get unbelievably complex and small in the next few years (like it hasn't already been doing that). With an advancement such as this though, possibilities can be truly endless. As we continue to understand the workings of the human brain, the most complex computer we know of, and master materials science, the computational capacity and the ability to learn through experience and have more complex cognitive abilities will lead these new computers to be faster and smarter than we could ever hope to be, all the while avoiding all the other issues that comes with human brains (forgetfulness, disease, false interpretation based on poor information receptors -our senses-, and a whole host of other issues). In a very short while, we will see computing skills surpass that of our own mental abilities and from there on the game will change.

Doomsdayers will see the rise of A.I. that will destroy or enslave man, but I see a different future. I see a future of our physical bodies meshing cohesively with "machines" that will seem more biological in nature than mechanical. I see a future where our brains and supercomputers can function effortlessly together to store and retrieve information and to process complex procedures and systems. I see us truly becoming a super-race of humans that, along with upgrading our brain power, will soon also have the ability to modify our own body cells to stay alive much longer, maybe even indefinitely. This will allow us to truly become star people. To wade into the infiniteness of space and travel to other star systems and galaxies, to explore and spread around the universe as a seed to plant the foundations of a truly self-aware universe. One can dream at least :)

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