Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Hate You Because "god" Says You're Evil

In African Women's Soccer Homophobia Remains An Obstacle

This is just like the behavior of someone relying on faith to guide their beliefs.

"Uche said she had never witnessed her own players participating in homosexual activity. Instead, she said that she had relied on rumors, speculation and news media accounts to form her belief that lesbian behavior had been common in the Nigerian team."

There is no effort here on the coach's part to find the truth. She came in with preconceived notions about the team and preconceived notions about homosexuality that are by her own words not based in fact, but speculation. Some of these players now have to live in fear of hiding their true identities to be able to make the team or be ostracized or worse. It's terrible that people can get away with such hatred against others and just hide behind their faith and call that being righteous...

In other news, NY Senator Ruben Diaz gets caught in his own web of hypocrisy... This from the guy who so proudly boasted "I am the church AND the state!"

NY Senator Ruben Diaz on Gay Marriage - Interview with the Village Voice 6/23/11

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