Friday, June 3, 2011

A Decent Human Being

A Victim of 9/11 Hate Crime Now Fights for His Attacker's Life

How about a positive story for once? Really interesting article here about a man filled with hate and vengeance after the 9/11 attacks, shot local convenience store clerks as retribution for the attacks on the country by muslim extremists. Now he is being put to death 7/20 by the state of TX and one of his victims is fighting for a change to a life sentence without parole instead. Not sure it will work, but maybe those christians can learn a thing or two from this muslim about what it's like to be a decent human being.

Update 7/21/11... looks like Mark Anthony Stroman has been put to death by Texas Corrections. his appeals were denied and the appeals of one of his victims, Rais Bhuiyan, were not answered. Heart wrenching story of grief, anger, ignorance and revenge followed by compassion and understanding. Let's be clear, this Stroman character was bad news (part of a white supremacist group and had previous convictions). It did appear that after this final act, he started to finally get what it is to be a human being. At least he understood that before he passed. And what a stand-up guy Mr. Bhuiyan is. It goes to show that there are some very fine individuals in this world, it's nice too see. I know this blog is intended to shed light on the fallacy of organized religion, but religious/spiritual people themselves can be very amazing indeed (although one does not need religion do be this way).

Texas Man Executed for Post 9/11 Murder

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