Friday, June 10, 2011

Building Blocks

Asteroids May Have Nurtured the Chemical Seeds of Life

Great article describing the analysis of meteorite fragments that give insight to what early asteroids may have delivered to a primitive earth. Amino acids and building blocks for life. It is so interesting to understand how life came about, and everywhere you turn you hear the words "goldilocks zone". I consider this planet fortunate that seemingly all the right things happened for it to go right and sustain life for as long as it has. But just because all the conditions are right for us here doesn't mean that "someone" made it that way. Considering the immensity of our galaxy and the universe that we can observe, the odds of a situation like ours coming about, with how we know elements are formed and what life is made of, are actually pretty good. This gives me hope to think that there is life elsewhere in the universe. It seems all of these heavier elements created in the crucibles of nuclear reactions of stars that go supernova laid the groundwork for life to form if combined in the right fashion. All of the necessary elements are there and can be accounted for. You and I are made from the same stuff that everything else in the universe is made of. What an incredibly comforting thought!

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