Friday, June 24, 2011

Delta Enables Saudi Arabia's Anti Semitism

U.S. Jews Not Able to Fly on Delta Flights to Saudi Arabia

This is absolutely absurd. This type of intolerance is unacceptable. Who cares what people are wearing? Who cares what god they pray to and how they choose to show it. If they aren't bothering anyone, there should be no issue to allow people into your country. It's really a shame they have the world's largest oil reserves, because this allows the Saudi's to get away with it. They don't rely on foreign tourism dollars and the country is run by an islamic absolute monarchy that stifles individual freedom and whose religious leaders run the judicial system, education system and scientific research. Seems like the last bunch you would want running those departments from a purely world industrial competitive sense. I'm not sure what the desire is to keep power within a family... (obviously wealth and power and prestige) but people you happen to be related to aren't necessarily the best ones for the job. This is all a calculated measure of control to keep the thing going as long as possible to better themselves. If we could get off our dependence on fossil fuels, the world would see just how bankrupt a system like theirs really is (from a humanistic point of view). Their natural resource is their saving grace from having to reform in real, honest ways. I am disappointed with Delta Airlines in making this arrangement with the Saudi's because they are legitimizing their narrow-minded hateful world view to make a few bucks. Let's spread the word to avoid flying Delta to show them that these types of deals are not in the best interests of its customers.

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