Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Hands Working Can Accomplish More than 1000 Clasped in Prayer

Guru Kailash Singh Quit Bathing 37 Years Ago

In some lighter news, it is beyond me how you could go this long without being clean. I can't go a day without showering or I feel filthy. This is just another example of the power of religious persuasion over the feeble minded. A priest told him to stop washing so it would bear him a son (I would love to know where this ludicrous idea even sprouted from), and he's had 7 daughters since, haha! You honestly can't make this stuff up, the truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. There is scientific proof that prayer has no effect:

Prayer Study: An Example

One of the greatest errors of mankind is this idea that god answers prayers. The system, unfortunately is stacked to sway the believer as a double-positive. I mean to say that if you pray for something and it happens, well then it's obvious that god heard you and indeed answered your prayer. If you pray and nothing happens, well god still heard you but he is testing your faith and your prayer will be answered exactly as you wished it in due time or it will be answered in some other fashion down the road and you say "ah hah! this was god's will all along". In every case, god wins. I hate to break it to you, but this is just the nature of being. Some things will happen to you and other things won't. Some things that happen will be good for you, others will be bad. This is life. Praying about it has no effect because there is no supernatural force controlling any special requests you make of it. You would think after 37 years, Kailash would get the hint, but his religion has blinded him to believe that his prayer will be answered in due time, to the detriment of the nostrils of the townspeople. God is obviously testing his faith otherwise he would have had a son.

"Two hands working can accomplish more than a thousand clasped in prayer"... what a great quote

This brings me to another thought I've had about amazing events happening to people around the world. Insane coincidences that seem to baffle the mind. When something extraordinary happens to you or someone you know, it makes you stop and wonder how could this be? is this god? This obviously gives fuel to the believers, but the odds are actually pretty good when you crunch the numbers. Consider the world has almost 7 billion people... 7 BILLION. Each going through their daily routines, etc, etc... What would be a good estimate for the odds of something out of the ordinary or extraordinary happening to someone? 1 in a million? Simple math here would show that 7 billion over 1 million leaves 7,000 extraordinary events per person in a lifetime! what about the odds of something truly mind-numbing happening to you? Let's say, 1 in a billion? that still gives you 7 out of this world events per person in a lifetime, plenty that can be accounted for by natural processes and the odds given the sheer number of people alive. The feelings that these events bestow on the eventee that seem other worldly are only made more pronounced by the circle of people you interact with. You are affected by their extraordinary events second-hand and so forth. Seems divine on the surface, but when you think about it critically, it is really just the statistical eventuality that you feel.

This is not to take away from those special events, you should want to feel the full impact of an extraordinary occurrence, good or bad, because that is the essence of living. We can be in awe of the power of statistical anomalies.

I suggest a new strategy, instead of praying for something to happen, go out an do it. Go out and accomplish what it is you want. Work hard and make yourself a better person for going through the struggle. If it's someone you are praying about, instead help them with all the resources available to you or comfort them if they are ill or grieve with them if they've lost someone special. This will only serve to grow the bond between you and those you care about. You will find life much more fulfilling and rewarding in this way instead of just waiting for something to happen, waiting for that statistical anomaly to show you a path. Go out and blaze the path you want to blaze and accept the good with the bad along the way. But please, whatever you do, shower regularly...

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