Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Giant Leap for Mankind

'Have to Do This': Cuomo Charts Course for Gay Marriage in NY

Well done, New York! Hats off to you for doing the right thing. Great article here about the background story bringing this momentous law to fruition. A couple of things that jump out to me are just how much "politics" really goes on behind the scenes. The back room handshake deals and I'll rub your back if you rub mine and give me lots of $$$, kind of shows how corrupt the system really is. It seems most politicians don't even get to vote the way their heart is telling them, but allow many outside factors to influence their votes for political gain (The religious are going to jump all over this aspect of the story, but the truth is that every piece of legislation in our government is adopted in such a manner, the religious have some of the most influential lobbying power of them all - so don't let them fool you). In this particular case, the outcome is worth the meddling because it offers equality to those who have been unjustly discriminated against in the past. The other thing that I noticed is how much of a personal effect knowing or being related to a homosexual can affect politicians who voted the other way previously. This all stems from the fear mongering and bigotry spewed by the religious to hate what you don't understand because it is different, but once you get to know some of these people you start to realize that they are, in fact, just like you. Congratulations to Governor Andrew Cuomo for being relentless in fulfilling this campaign promise, this truly could be the gateway that marks the beginning of true equality for all in the United States... Cheers!

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