Monday, June 27, 2011

Energy Frontiers

Can One Idea Be Energy's Holy Grail?

Interesting look into the race to find cheap, mass-produced, safe, unlimited energy. This "Hot Fusion" concept offers some major advantages over our current situation and while I believe we should pursue all avenues available through rigorous R&D, we should all be mindful of our own personal energy use and take advantage of the technologies currently available to reduce energy consumption in the home and on the roads. The "Big Energy" Companies behind these new frontiers aren't likely to give up their record profits any day soon, so whatever we ultimately switch to will still cost an arm and a leg (and someone is likely to figure out how to turn it into a weapon). Wind, Solar and Geo-thermal energy are all viable options currently available to consumers (with government rebates still applicable in most cases) as well as a wide variety of energy saving technologies such as upgraded insulation and energy star appliances and hybrid vehicles. There is plenty out there now that we can do to lower our own energy bills without having to wait for major industry change, which is bound to be long and messy. If we reduce our needs for fossil fuels, we can eliminate the crazy geo-political entanglements we find ourselves in and can worry about truly important global issues other than energy.

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