Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christians Reach Accord on Proselytizing

Evangelicals, WCC, Vatican Reach Accord on Proselytizing

"Christian missionaries should renounce all “deception and coercive means” of winning converts, according to an agreement released Tuesday (June 28) by a broad coalition of evangelicals, the World Council of Churches and the Vatican."

If they indeed stick to this decision, wouldn't this mean the end to proselytizing altogether? We should be so lucky! Their whole concept of winning converts is through deception and coercion to have people believe that which is not true by evoking retribution of eternal damnation in hell. How much more deceptive and coercive can you get? I will be amazed if an agreement like this has any effect on anything. The goal of these faiths is to convert as many people as possible to A, bring in the money, B, foster their opinions and beliefs with the masses so they can control the people, and C, to fulfill the prophecies to bring on the end times. This is it. 

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