Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Time to WAKE UP

'True Statesman' is Real Leader of Free World

How can anyone honestly give this woman the time of day? Laurie Cardoza-Moore's foundation is not based in reality. Anyone in the 21st century claiming bad weather and natural disasters are the results of human sin and error didn't pay attention in their science classes. They played hooky with Harold Camping.

"President Obama is bringing us down. If you look at what happened after Obama made that speech, look at the weather patterns that we had. Day after day, horrific tornadoes [came] blazing across this country [and] hundreds of people [lost] their lives," she recalls.

'Proclaiming Justice to the Nations' is Moore's brainchild and is just a front for the radical christian zionist movement. The whole point of these positions and immense interest in the affairs of the jewish nation is not out of pity for the jews, or just looking out for a U.S. ally. It is because they are trying to align conditions so their biblical prophesy can come true. Right wing christians believe that the gathering of the jews in the holy land is a prerequisite for jesus' second coming and the apocalypse and armageddon of earth. These are the people who are trying to influence our public policy. This is a diabolical scheme to bring on the end of the world as we know it. 

While I do realize the jewish people have had it just about awful in every sense of the word all the way through history, the fact is that this ludicrous christian theology is being a major barricade to a peaceful solution to all parties involved. The palestinians deserve a homeland just as much as the jews. Both have been wronged in various ways and both have been instigators in this silly land war that is absurd and childish and keeping the human race from moving on to something more special together. All 3 major theistic religions are the reason the middle east (and the whole world, for that matter) is an absolute mess and has been so for a millennia. Each claims their land is "holy" and given by their god to them and what have we gotten in the meantime? nothing. no progress. no advancement.

It's time to give up the childish behavior and longing for some imaginary force to come save us. Its time to step up and do the right thing for mankind. It's time to be responsible for our own actions and be thoughtful of others. It's time to give a little without expecting anything in return. It's time for us all to get along. It's time to WAKE UP

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