Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Theme P"ARK"

New Noah's Ark in Ky. Aims to Prove Truth of Bible

After the semi-success of the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis, a christian ministry aims to remake Noah's Ark to scale and build an ark-themed religious theme park in northern Kentucky. Other attractions will include the tower of babel and an old-world style village. I get so frustrated with these people who continue to push the bible's literal truth. I honestly physically cannot understand how they would go to such lengths to remain ignorant of the truth versus the myth. If they just do a little homework before diving blindly into their faith, they would see plainly how these kinds of stories are the work of legend.

In my humble opinion, there actually is a good chance there may have been some kind catastrophic flood in ancient times in that part of the world. It has been written about in many accounts and even in other legends, like the Epic of Gilgamesh (which Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden stories were plagiarized from, but it also influenced Homer's Odyssey and other ancient texts). The Epic of Gilgamesh preceded the ark account of the flood by several hundred years (around 1800 BC compared to around 1400 BC).

The fact that there may have been a great flood, the result of a tsunami or other natural disaster, has no bearing on whether the account of the ark story is true. It is a story exaggerating the real history of that event but with a tale to always be prepared for such disasters. To never take what you have in this world for granted, that at any time, some major catastrophe can take it all away from you and you should have a plan in place to get you and your family and all that is important to your survival to safety. If you think of it in those terms, it is actually a great story. And kids love it because there is a boat and all kinds of animals. But, there are many parts of the story that physically cannot be done by just a handful of people in that short span of time and it's funny that god would take his wrath out on all the creatures of the land, but not affect the myriad of creatures in the sea at all... doesn't seem like a fair punishment against the wickedness of the world.

When these types of ministries come out to prove the truth of the bible, all they have to show for it is what's written in the bible. They have no other evidence, no other way of verifying that these accounts could be true. Try to hold it up in a court of law and it would be thrown out before opening statements could be finished. Let's hope this theme park is a tremendous failure, and that they don't use public monies to develop and construct this monstrosity and celebration of human ignorance.

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