Friday, August 26, 2011

Hero Knows No Orientation

Fallen 9/11 Priest Emerges As an Icon For Gay Catholics

Great story about Father Mychal Judge, the NYC Fire Chaplain who raced to the towers that fateful morning and was killed by falling debris. Rev. Judge was braver than most could ever dream to be by rushing to help others during such a horrific attack on the city and the country. His memory is forever honored by all of the firefighters and people of New York who knew him. All Saints Church will be honoring his memory with a statue of that gut-wrenching moment in time when five firefighters carried his body away from the tower wreckage. Their hope is to preserve his heroism and promote good will between gay and straight, as Rev. Judge was gay. This goes to show that anyone at any time can truly be great and make a positive impact in our brief time here.

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