Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gravastar - Space Time Super Fluid

Physicists Simulate the End of Time in a Maryland Lab

Is Space-Time Actually a Superfluid?

Gravastar - Wikipedia

Are we actually inside of a black hole right now? Truly fascinating and mind-bending theory of the universe (thanks to my sister for sending me the link!). In these articles, scientists try to explain how the universe really behaves as a superfluid that was blown out of the other side of a forming black hole. In this theory, the "big bang" as we have come to know it was really the result of the creation of a collapsing star in another universe as time and energy and matter all changed phase at the singularity. They contend this theory can account for the big bang, dark matter and dark energy although much still has to be proven. As we all know, the race to find a theory of everything is driving theoretical physicists all over the world and getting quantum mechanics and general relativity to mesh seems near impossible. With the Gravastar/Superfluid theory, the normal breakdowns of general relativity at the event horizon of black holes and the big bang can be accounted for and make this a very interesting theory to test out. Very, very cool theory and fun to let your mind be blown away by the possibility!

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