Monday, August 15, 2011

Politics Fix

The Christianist Takeover

It is now quite apparent that the GOP is dominated not by fiscal conservatives anymore, but by social conservatives and the evangelical right. Mitt Romney, whose lead is now perilous to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, seems to be the odd man out here. Romney is the most centrist of all the leading republican candidates for president on the total political spectrum, but Perry seems to be most centered of these three on the GOP half of the spectrum. Most people seem to agree that Bachmann is a lunatic and has no real shot at the nomination. Perry and Bachmann have very scary views on the role of government and religion in the lives of americans. I try not to get into too much politics with this blog, but it is imperative to know the positions of the people who are trying to become the leader of the free world.

Here's another great article on Bachmann and Perry and their Dominionist tactics:

A Christian Plot for Domination?

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