Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Church Posts Atheist Billboard

Mansfield Church's Billboards Draw Wide Attention

Now the christians are doing the advertising for the atheists. This is a new one! In what can only be called a huge gaffe, a local Ohioan church has sponsored billboards that read "There Is No God. Don't Believe Everything You Hear." You can't ask for a better atheism plug than that, and paid for by the church no less! Awesome.

The church billboards caught the attention of Mid Ohio Atheists, a local group of atheists in the Mansfield area, who in a news release to the News Journal said the group has had people contacting them extending congratulations for the billboards. Mid Ohio Atheists president Ron Stephens made clear the billboards are not the group's doing.

"We earnestly thank the McElroy Road Church of Christ for advertising our thoughts," he said.

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