Friday, March 2, 2012

Forget Jesus, Stars Died So You Could Live

Who would have thought I would be interested in anything Miley Cyrus had to say? But when she quoted Lawrence Krauss the other day (upsetting her christian following) on twitter I was astonished and impressed. Maybe this girl has some sense after all; and maybe, just maybe, some of her followers will pay attention and begin to ask questions instead of plugging their ears and calling her a heretic. Here is the quote she shared, pretty innocent until that last line which ignited the scandal:

It may be offensive to some, but it is in fact how we came to be. We know this now. This is not some crazy idea or hypothesis by one rogue scientist. It has been proven beyond a measurable doubt and is accepted by much of the scientific world. If it goes against your church's teachings, then perhaps your church is wrong on this one. Why is that part of the equation never questioned, considered even? It's always the thing that shakes the church that gets vilified, never the church itself.

Here's a great "fireside" chat between Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins where they hash out some interesting and taboo topics. It's worth the 2 hours, I promise.

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