Monday, March 12, 2012

Hillary Clinton: Women in the World Summit

Great speech by Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit this past week in New York City. She makes a ton of excellent points, but seems to ignore the obvious: that so much of the way women are viewed and treated in modern society is rooted in those bronze age Abrahamic religions. These religions perpetuate the ideas that women are to be submissive, subservient and subordinate to men. That women are the cause for "original sin" and are treated more or less as property. It is apart from these dogmas that women are finally being given their long overdue roles in society. They are leaders, they are independent and they should have a say in how our society is shaped. Why don't they see how this is all deeply rooted in our religions? And to finally remove religious restrictions and barbaric traditions, to be released from the shackles that hold us back in so many ways from treating each other properly, humanity as a whole can progress with everyone playing an equal part in how we mold our future.

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