Friday, October 28, 2011

He Moves In Mysterious Ways

Josh Hamilton: God Told Me I'd Hit A Home Run in the 10th Inning - SportsDay DFW 10/28/11

Yes, god spoke directly to you Josh. You would hit a home run in the tenth inning last night. But your team would lose the game anyways. God apparently ignored manager Ron Washington's prayers for that final out, but gave you the chance to show off for everyone before the cardinals came back to win in epic fashion. Come on. Isn't it more likely that you thought it yourself? There are plenty of times when I try to psych myself up for a tough situation and say, "ok, you are going to this and it's all going to work out" and then sometimes it happens just as you wished. But sometimes it also doesn't happen the way you wished. Last night happened the way you wished. You thought a good thought, cleared your head and let your physical ability take over. You saw a pitch and hit it, there is no room for god in that equation. The pitcher left the ball over the middle of the plate and you crushed it like the power hitter you are should. It seems to me that god shouldn't be so worried about personal accolades for athletes (although he sure gets a lot of credit), instead maybe he should have worried about that poor father who fell to his death reaching for a ball YOU threw into the stands, leaving his young son to grow up without his dad. Who knows how many other lives he could have saved had he lived, being a firefighter and all. Why would he do that? God should have told you not to throw that ball. Hardly seems loving and compassionate to me. He should care more about that firefighter and his little boy and his widow than about a multi-millionaire playing a game, hitting a home run in a losing effort, no? Mysterious ways indeed.

Josh, you are an amazing ball player and you've had your troubles with drugs and alcohol in the past, they are well documented. I know you've claimed that god cleaned you up, but if you didn't have the strong will and determination to clean yourself up on your own, you wouldn't have done it at all. Don't sell yourself short, you deserve the credit for resurrecting yourself from a dark place, and you also deserve credit for hitting that home run. You've worked hard to be a good, clean ball player. At the same time, also know that it wasn't god who caused that man to fall over the railing. It was a terrible accident and a tragedy for the family, but an accident nonetheless. Nothing supernatural in either case. If you are hearing voices in your head, you may want to get checked out, but most likely it was just you wishing for the big moment, to be the hero for your team and this time it worked out (albeit briefly). Next time, the coin may flip the other way.

Rangers Fan Dies After 20-Foot Fall - ESPN 7/8/11

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