Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Greed and the Pulpit

Preachers Confront 'Last Taboo': Condemning Greed Amid Great Recession - CNN 10/1/11

Interesting look at the current dire financial situation from the view of the pulpit. It seems that even there, there is political underpinning on opinions. If you understand that greed, corruption and deregulation are the basis for the collapse than you see how it should be easy to talk about greed and wealth inequality in this country being a huge issue to correct if we are to move forward. If you don't understand how the collapse happened, then it's easy to avoid talking about it. From a church's perspective, I would think greed should be right up there as a sin to detest along with homosexuality, but for some reason it is not. I see the correlation between churches acquiring their own wealth through "prosperous" congregants and not talking about greed and wealth inequality that's breaking this country right now. Why is that?

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