Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesus Ween

Yes, it's true... the christians are trying to take over Halloween now too. They've successfully grabbed winter solstice and turned it into Christmas. Now they've got their original zombie, Jesus, and are trying to put a twist on a darker holiday by dressing in white and handing out bibles. I can't imagine it catching on, but it's got such a catchy name that will at least grab some attention. Halloween was always such a weird holiday growing up because when I was real little, my parents dressed us up and took us trick or treating. Once mom had her "transformation", halloween was suddenly evil and dressing up and going trick or treating was a no-no. We became the house on the block with all the lights off that didn't answer the door for other trick or treaters. It was one of mom's worst days of the year (easter is her favorite), and it didn't make any sense to me as a kid why we couldn't pretend for candy anymore like we used to. Thankfully there wasn't a Jesus Ween back then.

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