Friday, May 20, 2011

Via Galactica

Milky Way May Get An Extension

It's always a little hard to picture something like the milky way as a whole when the only view we have is from the inside, but cool article about the discovery of a spiral arm that shows how symmetrical our galaxy really is...

In a related article about the subject, light pollution from humanity is threatening our views of our own milky way. A shocking 2/3 of the world's population can no longer see the milky way in the night sky. A scary thought as this is our window into the universe, a way to gauge how we fit in to this complex system. As we become more dependent on electronics, we become less knowledgeable about the cosmos and the heavens. I grew up in the new york city/philadelphia corridor and can only imagine what the night sky must look like without all of that light pollution. I just love looking up at the stars and getting lost in the immensity and grandiosity of it all. I get so moved thinking about all the distances and ages and forces involved. thinking of all the infinite possibilities out there and if anyone is on the other side of the void thinking the same thing....

Photos Focus on Night-Sky Wonders and Worries

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