Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surprise, Surprise! We're All Still Here

May 21 'Judgement Day' Believers React to Being Alive on May 22

You know, I have such mixed reactions about what transpired this weekend. Of course I'm elated that idiots like Harold Camping will get what he deserves over the next few days/weeks as a result of this. I was several drinks in when 6:00 pm rolled around so I could not help but celebrate in the demise of Camping and Family Radio. I'm also happy each time one of these prophesies comes and goes because it's just another feather in the atheist/agnostic crowd's cap. As much as people would like there to be a rapture because this world is evil and life is hard and such a fragile thing on this dynamic planet, the fundamental laws of physics can never be violated. People will never start floating up to heaven, bodies will not rise from the grave. Why can't people just accept that the bible is a work of fiction based loosely on some ancient historical events and people, passed down through millennia and expanded and edited and embellished with supernatural touches. There are some lovely passages and stories, epic tales of good versus evil, some good life lessons to learn in there but nothing more than what you can learn from Aesop's Fables or ancient greek and roman mythology. What people don't care to see are the many pure evil passages of the bible promoting hatred and bigotry and genocide and slavery and barbaric treatment of women and capital punishment and child sacrifice and genital mutilation. Vengeance and jealousy perpetuated by the god who is supposed to be all loving.

On the flip side, my heart goes out to all those poor idiotic sheep who chose to follow this man, destroying their own families in some cases, giving up their life savings and quitting jobs and school and leaving nothing for their and their children's own future. That is the real tragedy in all of this. These poor souls are so lost and now must move on with nothing while Mr. Camping and Family Radio are worth a cool $120 million. And the honest truth is that there isn't much difference in saying "the rapture will happen May 21, 2011" and saying "the rapture will happen someday soon".

Any Day Now

I hope this whole episode causes people to think more deeply about what they believe and why, understand what it is exactly that they cannot wait for and the ramifications of such a belief. I hope this also causes people to really try to understand the leaders of their own respective churches and parishes. Get an idea of where they stand on these types of issues and try to cut through all of the baloney to see their true purpose. I realize this is a pipe dream, but if anything may cause people to self-reflect it certainly could be something like this weekend that seemed to capture the attention of us all, one way or another.

Let's be sure to go after fools like Camping and call them out for everything evil they propagate to our species. Life is hard enough as it is, but you know what? We're still here and that is worth celebrating. The world will end one day. Our species will probably be long extinct by then, but the sun will engulf the earth as it burns through its last hydrogen supply and expands into a red giant star. This will truly be a catastrophic apocalypse, the likes of which mankind could never have even dreamt of and one that makes the wrath of the biblical god seem like peanuts in comparison...

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