Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 Days 'Til the Rapture

Only 10 More Shopping Days 'Till the Apocalypse

We all know the date... 5/21/11... This is the date "religious experts" have calculated to be the return of jesus and the rapture of all the "elects" or ones worthy of saving by god before the impending apocalypse. We've been hearing about it for years and in recent months it has gathered more media attention. You are starting to see lots of billboards and minivans with signs declaring the end of days and to repent. The unfortunate thing is people have been saying this for 2,000 years. Jesus was supposed to return during the lifetime of the apostles. Then when he didn't, they had to recalculate when they thought he would return. This has gone on for centuries with bigger spikes around the millennia (1000 AD, 2000 AD). In fact, most christians you talk to about it, generally believe this will happen in their lifetime. Why is this? It is a fascinating question into the human psyche that has been manipulated and honed by the church and its representatives since the beginning to keep control over their flocks. Take for example the poor Martinez couple in this article.  They believe this event to be impending so much that they literally will extinguish all their financials by saturday May 21st, with nothing left for sunday. They have a 2-yr old daughter and another child on the way and have no preparations for when it doesn't happen. Swindlers like Harold Camping are using these ugliest of manipulations to prey on the simple minded and easily persuaded to destroy their lives while earning millions and laughing all the way to bank... This is the purest form of evil.

Here is another take on the event from Richard Dawkins:

Science Explains the End of the World

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