Monday, May 9, 2011

Statement of Purpose:

Hello... this is a first shot at a blog, so bear with me as I get my feet wet with how it all works. I intend to use this as a place to post information and links I feel important with regards to scientific inquiry and religion and our human understanding of our place in the cosmos. I will start with an excerpt from something I wrote a few weeks back to show where I am coming from with this blog... 

the intent is not to offend but to open a dialogue about religion and it's roll in modern society.

I do believe that there are wonderful religious people out there with beautiful hearts and only the best intentions who are just trying to make sense of this world and our place in the cosmos and many who are just afraid of dying and what may or may not take place after that. These are fascinating questions that all of mankind tries to understand in one form or another. Can i ask an honest question? why is it so offensive to question one's own beliefs? if one is presented with valid information that may alter or disprove our current perceptions of the states of things, shouldn't we feel obligated to search for the truth as best we can? 

I came to a point in my life where what I was taught as a child just didn't mesh with what I was learning about the universe as an adult. After studying some of the other religions out there it became apparent that they were all trying to say the same thing. Being spiritual and at peace with the universe is an amazing feeling. Realizing that we were created from the stars and will give back our energy after we die is nothing to fear. The fact that we are alive at all, given the ridiculous odds, and that we have brains and can comprehend and understand the universe we live in is such an incredible gift. The universe is beautiful and glorious and we have been given the best gift to be able to experience it. There may be a "god" who created this whole thing, and our spirits may live on in some fashion after we die. But that shouldn't keep us from trying to learn as much as we can about our place in it all while we're here. 

The whole point of my postings is just to offer a rational scientific alternative to what we may learn in sunday school, or in temple, or at the mosque. To show that there are regular people out there who do question the ideas of faith and show that it doesn't have to be such a taboo subject. An honest, open discourse to show that we are all humans, regardless of which faith we were brought up in and that we have a common future that, in many respects, is in jeopardy from religious fanatics of one sect or another. I see fascinating articles of scientific discovery and I want to share them with my favorite people. I also find interesting tidbits about different religions that helps open my eyes and i like to share them with my friends and family because I feel it is important. We can piece together facts and information to help form a more clear picture of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We may never fully know the why and the how, but the excitement is in trying to find the answers to these deep fundamental questions of existence.

I'm not saying i know all the answers, no one can. I just try to keep an open mind and let rational thought and inquiry drive my questions about the universe (the way it does about all other aspects of my life) and not be afraid of the answers I might find, one way or another. I intend to use this blog as a way to learn and share. This is not meant as an individual attack on anyone's specific beliefs, but rather a place to share information pertaining to science and religion and their impacts on our human civilization. I will try to filter and discern the most appropriate stuff to post that encourages free thought and challenges people to think rationally about these truly important topics that never get talked about. I hope you come with an open mind and enjoy the ride, because we are all in this together!

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