Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Matt Dillahunty vs. Mark Allison Debate 11/17/11

Kinda long and the audio could be better, but great debate nontheless.

Dillahunty is the outspoken non-believer from the infamous Atheist Experience tv shows from Austin, TX, and a former Southern Baptist seminarian who decided to see if what he believed was actually true. He ended up an atheist, and an outspoken one to be sure. He is currently nominated for atheist of the year (The Hitchie) and is dialing up his public debates, taking it from his all-access show to higher profile debates like this. Allison is a teacher at Covenant Connections Church in Flowery Branch, GA. He is a good sport and seems like a well-spoken, stand-up, pleasant kind of guy, but Dillahunty takes it to him in my humble opinion.

Matt Dillahunty vs. Mark Allison - Good Without God? - Examiner 11/18/11

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